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In the past years stem cell research has gained further traction in the development of more complex in vitro (disease) models as well as in clinical trials and therapeutic applications. Especially in the field of neuroscience, stem cell-based models are becoming increasingly important not only for ethical reasons (3Rs) but also because of their human relevance and scalability.


• The aim of the ‘Stem Cells in Neuroscience’ meeting is to stimulate and expand the interdisciplinary and (inter)national networking of researchers in neuroscience and stem cell field.

• With our meeting we aim to foster an inclusive environment for PhDs, postdocs and faculty to meet, network and discuss their research in a small scale setting with esteemed international scientists. Other speakers will therefore be specifically selected from this group of participants. 

• We strongly encourage you to submit an abstract for a oral presentation and/or poster to fully emerge in the scientific debate. 

• The number of participants will be limited to a maximum of 120 in order to create a personal and inspiring environment.

Session topics

• neurodegeneration
• neurodevelopment
• neurosensory
• neuroimmunology
• neurovascular
• translational neuroscience


Planning my next step – Career development inside/ outside academia (Dr. Silke Thul & Dr. Sabine Lehner)

The goal of this workshop is for participants to become aware of their interests, strengths and values, in order to make better decisions for their next career step inside or outside academia. We will introduce exercises and resources for your career development and give advice on how to research job opportunities.

Basic Principles of Science Communication (Dr. Markus Gottschling)

Communicating your own research in an understandable and vivid way is one of the biggest challenges for you as scientists. This workshop provides the basics to successfully master this challenge: 

• formats and styles of science communication
• rhetorical strategies, storytelling and audience-orientation
• authenticity and performance

Get your own science communication started with in-depth discussions and hands-on exercises from a rhetorical point of view.

Technology Transfer (Dr. Patrick Wunderlich & Dr. Dennis de Coninck)

Challenge your knowledge about intellectual property, patents and entrepreneurship! Do you know how to commercialize your research? Participate in our fun, interactive quiz and learn how this may impact your career! 

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